The Broad Residency – Job opportunites for advanced degrees

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The Broad Residency is a great option for those interested in making an impact in public schools. The training and job are a two year commitment in various locations around the country. Starting salaries are $85-95K. You do not need to have experience in the education sector. Please read below and check out their website for more information.

As you may know, The Broad Residency in Urban Education is a prestigious program focused on improving public education by placing business professionals into high-impact full-time paid management positions in the education industry.


We recently broadened our placements beyond school districts and charter organizations to include Federal and State Departments of Education.


Can you help us by spreading the word to those in your network interested in management careers in the social sector? Anyone interested may visit our website to apply (


This is a unique opportunity to really make an impact on children’s lives that regularly attracts attention from the media. Below is a link to a recent segment on CNN about our founder Eli Broad:


About the Program


The Broad Residency is a prestigious program that places professionals with graduate degrees into full-time management positions in school districts, charter management organizations, and federal/state departments of education nationwide. Experience in the education industry is not required and starting salaries begin at $85-$95K. The Broad Residency serves as a bridge for those who want to use their management skills as change agents in education.


Broad Residents lead major projects that require superb analytical skills and the ability to manage projects and teams. Working within the system, participants are well-positioned to lead the transformation required to ensure that every American child receives a world-class education. A sampling of Broad Residents’ accomplishments include:

  •                     Saved $3 million per classroom by decreasing materials costs on 23 classrooms
  •                     Reduced cycle time for textbook purchasing by three months, assuring that schools now receive 98 percent of textbooks before the start-of-school
  •                     Decreased new hire process time from two weeks to four days


Simultaneous to job placement, Broad Residents receive two years of intensive professional development and join a national network of education leaders. This provides the support needed to transition into a management career that truly makes an impact.



Comment by Kelly Gump on May 1, 2011 at 6:19pm

I read about this and would LOVE to apply, but again…it would dictate where we live and as a USMC spouse, I am not able to move. We are stationed where the Marine Corps sends us. I could put my career first and move but with two young sons I can’t do that…we need to be together as a family as much as we can. Just another career path I am not able to pursue at this time.


IBM’s Remote Job Opportunites


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I am a student working on my MBA at Kenan-Flagler business school and am currently taking a class called Effective Virtual Teams. We had a guest speaker visit our class yesterday to give us a presentation on their Smart Planet offering. The new software they have developed promotes working in virtual teams and/or internet collaboration. She outlined their software, but also described how IBM implements these new tools.

  •                 IBM employs +400K around the world and 50% of them work remotely

IBM is just one of many companies realizing the benefits of virtual teaming- this is a growing trend across major companies. This trend opens up many opportunites for military spouses to work from home – or wherever suits you.


If you are feeling frustrated by the professional options available to military spouses, you should check out what types of remote jobs are available.