March Volunteer of the Month

In Gear Career is able to provide our services because of wonderful Military Spouses who understand what it means  to serve.  Many people contribute to our collective success, but this month we would like to recognize Jill Warning for her work leading the Sigonella Local Chapter.


Jill recently started the Sigonella chapter of In Gear Career with a core group of Sigonellans -Jennifer Simpson, Jessica Lewarne, Marta CcClintock, and Elizabeth Osborn have been working toward launching this chapter for over a year and are essential to the local chapter success.  Jill’s team is about pushing the boundaries of what a military spouse can achieve while at an overseas location.  Everyone on the IGC Sigonella team is working to empower local spouses to identify, pursue, and create opportunities for career development.  We appreciate her initiative and innovative ideas.


Always determined to have a romantic life, Jill sought adventure early on in her career and interspersed travel, work, and Capitol Hill internships into her gap years between undergraduate and professional degrees.  She met her Navy husband, David, in law school and they began their marriage at his first duty station in Bremerton, Washington in 2009.  Jill is a member of the Wisconsin and Washington State Bar Associations; in Washington she pursued food justice work by writing for a food law website, sitting on the board of directors of a local agricultural non-profit, and performing contracted legal consulting for the state.  She quickly learned what deployment means for military spouses when Dave deployed to Afghanistan in late 2011.  During this time in Washington state, Jill also learned about the difficulties facing military spouses seeking employment – the questions about why she is in the area, the barely veiled questions about how long she planned to stick around, and what about her family?  Following Dave’s return from Afghanistan, she moved with him to Sigonella, Italy where she joined the Wittenberg Weiner Consulting team on a contract at NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center headquarters.  Jill draws on her education and work experiences to put her analytical skills, emotional intelligence, and ingenuity to the test of supporting the Supply Management Department in her contracted position.  She enjoys volunteering, exploring food and drink, training for runs (and most often the runs themselves), hiking, dabbling in the arts, and traveling.

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