In Gear Career-Spotlight on a Military Spouse Professional

In Gear Career wants to put the spotlight on Military Spouse Professionals! This will be an ongoing feature highlighting the success and struggles experienced by Military Spouse Professionals. Our goal is to be honest about the realities of a military spouse lifestyle, but also show that with grit, determination and most importantly action, success can be achieved (even if it doesn’t look like what you first thought it might).

If you’re willing to let us share your story please email your answers to the following questions, along with a photo of you dressed professionally to

Military Spouse Professional Questionnaire

 1.    With which branch of service are you affiliated, and where are you currently stationed? If you’re prior service, please feel free to also mention your service here

2.    What is your industry of interest (for those who have attended the “Now to Next” workshop at the Spouse Experience or Spouse Summit, this is your “Now”)?  marketing, finance, education, law, etc

3.    What professional goal are you currently pursuing? (this is your “Next”—a goal for you or your business, or the job you’re hoping to find)

4.    If all conditions were perfect, what would be your dream job? It can be related to what you already do, but be honest!

5.    If you are currently working, what is your job and how did you land this job?  If you’re not working, what was your last job and how did you obtain that position? Online job search and application, friends, networking

6.    Have you attended any networking events in the past 6 months (In Gear Career or otherwise)?

7.    How has In Gear Career helped you move toward achieving your career goals? 

8.    What professional development events would be of most value to you in your current position or job search?

9.    How have you overcome the professional challenges you’ve encountered as a military spouse? 

10.  Do you have a tip or trick that you would like to share with other military spouse professionals?


Please email your answers to and thank you for sharing your story!

If you’re interested in In Gear Career  activities in your area, please look here for a list of our current active and developing chapters.

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