Referral Available for Military Spouse Professional: Chief Financial Officers Council, U.S. General Services Administration

Job Opportunity – Performance Manager
Chief Financial Officers Council, U.S. General Services Administration


The Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Council is a government-wide organization of the CFOs and Deputy CFOs of the largest Federal agencies, senior officials of the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of the Treasury, who work collaboratively to improve financial management in the U.S. Government.  The CFO Council Performance Manager position provides project management, analytical support and logistical coordination for the CFO Council. In conjunction with the Office of Federal Financial Management (OFFM) at OMB, this position is essential for helping the CFO Council to set strategic priorities, conduct analysis on critical issues – including Federal spending transparency, real property, financial shared services, improper payments, grants management, internal controls, financial reporting, debt collection, and workforce development – and provide the CFO Council with the capacity to achieve tangible outcomes that improve financial management across the Federal government.

The CFO Council Performance Manager will work with OFFM and other CFO Council staff to effectively support the Council, including managing meetings, events, projects, budget, staff and contractors; establishing communication and collaboration systems, and implementation of Federal policies and initiatives. The position will conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of issues and policies to understand their impact on federal agencies. The role will also involve frequent written and oral communication with senior officials across federal government on substantive and logistical issues, requiring strong presentation/communication skills and an acute attention to detail. The Performance Manager will also act as a resource for CFOs and their staff, gathering feedback and identifying best practices in Federal financial management, overseeing CFO Council operations, and related topics.


Skills and Experience Required

  1. At least three to five years of experience with – and knowledge of – financial management issues, such as internal controls, financial reporting, risk management, financial shared services, budgeting, debt collection and real property. Experience with Federal financial management issues is preferred but not required.
  2. Advanced experience in program management and performance improvement.
  3. Ability to coordinate diverse teams to accomplish a common objective.
  4. Superior judgment and demonstrated ability to achieve consensus among parties who often have differences, competing interests, and constraints.
  5. Broad understanding of management, budget, regulatory, and other processes inside large, complex organizations, governmental or otherwise.
  6. Demonstrated superior analytical ability and progressively responsible and effective experience in identifying and resolving difficult problems. Superior skills and ability to apply these techniques and resources to analysis of assigned areas.
  7. Demonstrated flexibility and versatility in responding rapidly to varying, often time-pressured, assignments. Ability to move rapidly and confidently into complicated issues.
  8. Demonstrated ability to understand new areas quickly and thoroughly, to develop methods of approaching difficult challenges and to reason logically from the facts available.
  9. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships at the highest levels of an organization and across multiple stakeholders.
  10. Superior skill in synthesizing voluminous materials, and in clearly presenting ideas, conclusions, and recommendations, both orally and in writing.
  11. Ability to plan, conduct and facilitate effective meetings of senior officials through collaborative exchange and clear value delivery.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is creative, analytical, detail-oriented, thrives in a fast-paced environment, and has an interest in financial management issues. The position is a two-year term appointment, renewable for an additional two years based on performance. The position’s salary will be at the GS-13 or GS-14 level. The candidate must be a US citizen.

Are you a Military Spouse interested in applying?


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Referral Available for Military Spouse Career Opportunity with AH Global-Remote Position

In Gear Career is pleased to offer a referral to qualified Military Spouses interested in a remote position for AH Global.

Conversations Marketing firm, AH Global is looking to fill the following remote position:

Position: Online Communications Specialist

Description Job Responsibilities: The Online Analyst acts as the liaison between brands (our clients) and the communities/demographics that they seek to reach. Overall, the OAs responsibilities are two pronged:

1. Community Outreach

-Blogger Communications: Reach out to bloggers in designated communities within the blogosphere and other large portals with relevant news and information

2. Research and Reporting

-Assist with campaign development by providing insightful information about demographics and communities

-Collect, Analyze and Report key trends among online consumers within targeted demographics and communities. Reporting and analysis is as much quantitative as it is qualitative


1. Must have strong written communications skills with a particular strength in friendly, personable interactions with bloggers and others in the online context as well as the ability to present data in an organized, intelligible manner

2. Strong familiarity with the internet, particularly blogs, but also online video sites, message boards, portals and search engines. The ideal candidate will have an exceptional knowledge of the activity and trends within key demographics

3. Well organized and strong attention to detail

4. Ability to work remotely in a virtual environment, taking direction and guidance from project managers but highly able to manage one’s own work schedule toward the completion of assigned goals and tasks.

5. Strong command of the Google Apps suite of tools as well as Skype, JoinMe and other online collaboration tools

6. Job is part-time, 10-20 hours/week, with the possibility to increase workload and move into project management responsibilities

Want to Apply?

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Military Spouse Career Opportunities with First Data

The following opportunities have been brought to our attention; Military Spouses are encouraged to apply.

Payment Solutions firm, First Data is looking to fill the following positions in the Washington D.C. area:

Position: Office Manager

This individual provides administrative support to the Global Public Affairs department, and serves as office manager for the Washington, DC office.

Full Job Description

Position: Manager of Public Affairs

The manager of public affairs will report directly to the VP of Public Affairs and will be responsible for day-to-day legislative and regulatory tracking, identifying priority policy issues, and developing strategic responses to defend against or advance particular policy positions, and writing summaries and reports for both internal and external stakeholders.

Full Job Description

Position: Intern—Military & Veteran Affairs

First Data is currently looking for an intern to work in their Washington, DC Military and Veterans Affairs office.  This is an opportunity to work as part of a global team, working with professionals across the enterprise.  This dynamic team creates and implements First Data’s military engagement strategy by creating an enterprise-wise approach to embrace the military with focuses on hiring veterans and military spouses, community outreach, sourcing, marketing, and recognition.

Full Job Description



The Must-Have Resource for the Career-Minded Military Spouse

With nearly 70% of open jobs filled by referral, having a professional network is essential to a successful career, no matter what stage we’re in: actively looking for a new job, considering a return to the workforce in the near future, or happily employed.

The frequent relocations associated with the military lifestyle make it particularly challenging for career-minded military spouses to build this essential network of professional contacts—contacts that can open the door to unadvertised job openings.

Each time we PCS to a new duty station, we often have to start from scratch to find employment commensurate with advanced education and experience. And even though we may be surrounded by the spouse community at large, being a military spouse with career ambitions can sometimes be frustrating and isolating.

That’s why we’re here to help.

In Gear Career is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life, morale, and stability of military families by enabling military spouses to seek and obtain professional employment alongside their service members.

Through our local chapters, website, and social media channels, we offer career-minded military spouses like you opportunities to:

  • build your professional network and advance your job search by connecting you with local business leaders
  • expand your knowledge though career resources and professional development opportunities
  • be a part of a supportive community of like-minded spouses to who understand the challenges of balancing a professional career with the demands of a military lifestyle.

You’ll find advice tailored to the needs of military spouse professionals, tips and tricks to help you get ahead in your career, and much more.

In Gear Career currently has more than 16 local chapters throughout the U.S. and Europe, with more planned for 2014.

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Understanding the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act

Military Spouse Residency Relief Act (MSRRA) and your CareerHave you just finished filing your taxes in a different state to your spouse? Perhaps you just had a PCS and are in the process of updating your drivers license and registering to vote in your brand new “home state.”

Moving regularly can be a complex administrative process. Service Members have always been allowed to retain one state of residence (legally known as a “state of domicile”) through a series of military related moves, but until recently, Military Spouses were not covered by any such legislation. In 2009 this changed with the creation of the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act (MSRRA).


What is the MSRRA?


The MSRRA allows Military Spouses, under specified conditions, to maintain one “state of domicile” for the purposes of residency, voting and taxation. The law does not permit the Military Spouse to pick and choose any state. It must be the same state as that claimed by the Service Member, and the Military Spouse must qualify for residency in that particular state.


Am I covered?


If you and your Service Member currently claim different “states of domicile,” it means that you may not be able to claim the MSRRA unless the Service Member switches their “state of domicile” to the one you are currently located in. My husband has always claimed Florida, but when we married he was stationed in Texas. I moved to, and therefore became a resident of Texas. I was ineligible to claim Florida residency under the MSRRA as I had never lived and could not meet their state requirements for residency. Moving on military orders to Ohio, my husband continued to claim Florida, but I was forced to change to Ohio. We then moved to Florida. Once living in Florida, I met the state requirements to become a resident. When we moved to Hawaii, I was covered under the MSRRA as I had the same “state of domicile” as my husband. I can continue to claim Florida for the remainder of our military PCS moves.


What are the taxation implications for a Military Spouse working in a state different to their state of residence?


A Military Spouse is exempt from paying state income taxes in the state they are working if they are covered under the MSRRA. The Military Spouse must:

  • reside in a state different than the state of claimed residency, and
  • reside in the state solely to live with the Service Member.

The Service Member must be present in the state in compliance with military orders, and the Military Spouse and Service Member must both legally claim the same state of residency. If you and your Service Member spouse are fortunate enough to claim one of the nine US states with limited or no income tax, it means you may only need to file your Federal Taxes with the IRS. If your “state of domicile” has a high state income tax rate, you might consider waiving your protections under the MSRRA and choosing to change your “state of domicile” to the one in which you are physically located and working.


But what if my employer withholds state taxes even though I am covered under the MSRRA?


Many employers may not be aware of the MSRRA and will automatically withhold or deduct state taxes. The easiest way to avoid this is to understand wether you qualify for the MSRRA, and if so, to ensure that your employer is made aware of your claimed “state of domicile” under the MSRRA when you fill out your initial employment paperwork and W-2. If your employer does not withhold state taxes, most states do not require you to file a tax return in that state. However, if your employer has withheld state taxes and you are covered under the MSRRA, you will need to file to have that money returned. If your “state of domicile” does have a state income tax, you will need to file in that state.

Where can I learn more?


The MSRRA is a complex piece of legislation and individual states have different requirements to prove eligibility to claim residence. The Federation of Tax Administrators provide a thorough summary of the MSRRA and Turbotax contains some good state by state information for military families. An internet search for “MSRRA and <state>” will usually yield the more specific guidance for your location. Links to these state based documents are also contained within the Local Chapter Forums on the In Gear Career website. It is definitely worthwhile to ensure you fully understand your rights and options under the MSRRA as it may reduce the administrative hassle of the next move and leave more money in your pocket.