Referral Available for Military Spouse Career Opportunity with AH Global-Remote Position

In Gear Career is pleased to offer a referral to qualified Military Spouses interested in a remote position for AH Global.

Conversations Marketing firm, AH Global is looking to fill the following remote position:

Position: Online Communications Specialist

Description Job Responsibilities: The Online Analyst acts as the liaison between brands (our clients) and the communities/demographics that they seek to reach. Overall, the OAs responsibilities are two pronged:

1. Community Outreach

-Blogger Communications: Reach out to bloggers in designated communities within the blogosphere and other large portals with relevant news and information

2. Research and Reporting

-Assist with campaign development by providing insightful information about demographics and communities

-Collect, Analyze and Report key trends among online consumers within targeted demographics and communities. Reporting and analysis is as much quantitative as it is qualitative


1. Must have strong written communications skills with a particular strength in friendly, personable interactions with bloggers and others in the online context as well as the ability to present data in an organized, intelligible manner

2. Strong familiarity with the internet, particularly blogs, but also online video sites, message boards, portals and search engines. The ideal candidate will have an exceptional knowledge of the activity and trends within key demographics

3. Well organized and strong attention to detail

4. Ability to work remotely in a virtual environment, taking direction and guidance from project managers but highly able to manage one’s own work schedule toward the completion of assigned goals and tasks.

5. Strong command of the Google Apps suite of tools as well as Skype, JoinMe and other online collaboration tools

6. Job is part-time, 10-20 hours/week, with the possibility to increase workload and move into project management responsibilities

Want to Apply?

If you’re interested in more information and an direct introduction to the hiring managers, please email us.

Military Spouse Career Opportunities with First Data

The following opportunities have been brought to our attention; Military Spouses are encouraged to apply.

Payment Solutions firm, First Data is looking to fill the following positions in the Washington D.C. area:

Position: Office Manager

This individual provides administrative support to the Global Public Affairs department, and serves as office manager for the Washington, DC office.

Full Job Description

Position: Manager of Public Affairs

The manager of public affairs will report directly to the VP of Public Affairs and will be responsible for day-to-day legislative and regulatory tracking, identifying priority policy issues, and developing strategic responses to defend against or advance particular policy positions, and writing summaries and reports for both internal and external stakeholders.

Full Job Description

Position: Intern—Military & Veteran Affairs

First Data is currently looking for an intern to work in their Washington, DC Military and Veterans Affairs office.  This is an opportunity to work as part of a global team, working with professionals across the enterprise.  This dynamic team creates and implements First Data’s military engagement strategy by creating an enterprise-wise approach to embrace the military with focuses on hiring veterans and military spouses, community outreach, sourcing, marketing, and recognition.

Full Job Description



Brand Ambassador Job Openings for Military Spouses

In Gear Career for has another opportunity to be directly introduced to an employer looking to hire Military Spouses!
Career Opportunities for Military Spouses with Eurpac Strategic Partners

Eurpac Strategic Partners, a distributor and retail representative for leading brands, has openings for Brand Ambassador positions in the Colorado Springs (Fort Carson, USAF Academy, Peterson AFB), Sacramento (Travis AFB, McClellan AFB), and San Diego (Camp Pendleton) areas.

Brand Ambassadors will generate product excitement and increase brand awareness through in-store retail package goods demonstrations (which will include alcoholic beverages). The ideal candidates are outgoing, well-spoken individuals who can engage, educate, and survey retail customers while promoting brands in a professional manner.

Want to Apply?

If you’re interested in more information and an direct introduction to the hiring manager, please email us.

The Must-Have Resource for the Career-Minded Military Spouse

With nearly 70% of open jobs filled by referral, having a professional network is essential to a successful career, no matter what stage we’re in: actively looking for a new job, considering a return to the workforce in the near future, or happily employed.

The frequent relocations associated with the military lifestyle make it particularly challenging for career-minded military spouses to build this essential network of professional contacts—contacts that can open the door to unadvertised job openings.

Each time we PCS to a new duty station, we often have to start from scratch to find employment commensurate with advanced education and experience. And even though we may be surrounded by the spouse community at large, being a military spouse with career ambitions can sometimes be frustrating and isolating.

That’s why we’re here to help.

In Gear Career is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life, morale, and stability of military families by enabling military spouses to seek and obtain professional employment alongside their service members.

Through our local chapters, website, and social media channels, we offer career-minded military spouses like you opportunities to:

  • build your professional network and advance your job search by connecting you with local business leaders
  • expand your knowledge though career resources and professional development opportunities
  • be a part of a supportive community of like-minded spouses to who understand the challenges of balancing a professional career with the demands of a military lifestyle.

You’ll find advice tailored to the needs of military spouse professionals, tips and tricks to help you get ahead in your career, and much more.

In Gear Career currently has more than 16 local chapters throughout the U.S. and Europe, with more planned for 2014.

Join Us – Find Your Local Chapter

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Five Creative Job Search Strategies for Military Spouses

Creative job search strategies for career minded military spousesNot only is it mind-numbingly repetitive to spend 40 hours a week firing off cover letters and resumes with the precision of a Swiss assembly line, it’s not an effective strategy to land full-time employment. With a little creativity and initiative, career-minded military spouses can continue to advance their careers while looking for full time opportunities.

Here are five must-do strategies to help you stay marketable during a job search:

1. Volunteer

Volunteering is one of the best ways to stay marketable in during a job hunt. You will not only gain useful experience that, if positioned correctly, can be used to fill in gaps in your employment history, you will open up a wide range of networking opportunities that could lead to future full-time employment.

That said, it’s important to be strategic about your volunteer work. While spending your weekends swinging a hammer and building houses for the poor is certainly noble, focus your volunteer efforts on opportunities where you can build upon the skills you already use in your career. Alternatively, seek out opportunities to build your “soft skills,” such as leadership, that are in demand no matter what field you are in. Step up and chair that FRG committee that no one wants to lead or run for an executive position on the school PTA.

2. Network, Network, Network

If it feels like we’ve been beating this idea to death, well, we are—but with good reason! The majority of senior-level and professional positions are filled through referrals, so use your time to stay in contact with your professional network, and actively seek opportunities to expand it.

But what if you are new to an area and don’t know anyone? Most, if not all, military spouses have been in this position at least once during a service member’s career. First, check out In Gear Career to see if there is already an established local chapter in your new area. Also, look for networking events sponsored by the local chamber of commerce or college. Or better yet, try #3.

3. Join a Professional Organization

Professional organizations of all kinds exist in nearly every city and state, and being active in the right organization is smart way to build your professional network and stay up to date on industry trends.

Think about the industry-specific major organizations in your field. Sign up for the local chapter, and you’ll have access to networking opportunities and educational events that will help you in the know. If there isn’t a local chapter, sign up for the chapter nearest you and stay in close contact with those members online through the organization’s listserv or forums.

If there isn’t an industry-specific professional organization near you, consider joining an organization comprised of professionals from diverse industries, such as the National Association of Professional Women or Toastmasters International.

4. Keep Learning

While it may not be feasible to go back to school full time, you can still keep your skills current, often with very little added expense.

Coursera and EdX offer free online classes taught by leading university professors. You can also take advantage of the (often free) whitepapers, tutorials and webinars offered by companies and professional organizations (usually as a way to attract new customers/members). And don’t overlook that wonderful resource called YouTube. It’s not only a repository of funny cat videos and internet memes, it’s one of the best how-to tools ever invented. Need to learn how to use a specific software program? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of video tutorials available to choose from.

5. Freelance

Freelancing is an excellent way to keep your skills sharp, build your online brand and make connections that can greatly help your career trajectory. And let’s not forget the fact that you get paid and will likely have flexibility with your work schedule—something important to nearly every military spouse, especially during a service member’s deployment.

Check out this blog for a list of the best freelancing websites and suggestions on how to use each of them effectively.

Got any strategies to stay marketable while looking for a job? Share them here.