A Letter From Our Executive Director


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I have had the pleasure of serving as the Executive Director of In Gear Career for just over a year now. I have been absolutely mind-blowingly amazed at the talent, creativity and just plain grit I’ve found in this community of career-minded Military Spouses.

Here are a few things I’ve learned on this journey:

  1. For a good number of military spouses, traditional programs aren’t a good fit. Many do great work and serve a wonderful purpose, but with daytime events, career-minded Military Spouses can’t make it work.
  1. Traditional employment services for Military Spouse also leave something to be desired. Again, many do good work, but with a focus on entry-level and hourly positions, Spouses looking to maintain positive career progression aren’t likely to find much benefit from the job boards and “click here” websites most programs encourage.
  1. Networking works. Technology is great, but we really encourage as much in –person networking as you can manage. Haven’t you said a million times, “I know I could get the job if I could just talk to a person!” So talk. Talk to everyone about your professional goals and let your network work for you.

If numbers one and two above speak to you, In Gear Career is what you’re looking for. I don’t have a magic answer that will make appropriate jobs appear in all of your duty stations, and I can’t guarantee you the job search will become easy. What I can offer is a community of career-minded Military Spouses who are willing to fight WITH you and FOR you to make your career goals attainable.

I can promise you that our chapters will work to make connections in your community to create and maintain a living-breathing network of professional contacts that may just lead you to your next employer. A network that will last longer than the tenure of any one Military Spouse.

Looking back now I realize I shouldn’t have been surprised at the talent, creativity and grit I found in the Military Spouse community —why wouldn’t the best and brightest of today’s military marry partners that equal them in intelligence, resiliency and drive?

Keep Fighting,

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Amanda Patterson Crowe

Executive Director

In Gear Career


In Gear Career–Testimonials by Military Spouse Professionals

“In Gear Career provides me the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience of other Military Spouses. I love being able to speak with military spouses who have found their own professional success while still embracing the mobility of their spouses’ career. Being able to meet such amazing people every month made me realize I can thrive in my career as long as I take responsibility and make it happen.”

–Elizabeth Shaver, Military Spouse and In Gear Career Member
As someone returned to theworkforce after a long absence, it was important for me to meet new people and glean as much as I could about the job search experience.  Getting that first part-time position of only 10 hours a week helped me build a presence in the workforce as well as my resume.  A few months later that led to me being able to land a position as an administrator for a non-profit.Testimonials by Military Spouse Professionals“In Gear Career has been instrumental in the success of my job search!  I have learned so much from the monthly meetings and workshops.  The networking is invaluable and has been the key to my landing two positions from the advertised jobs that In Gear Career posted.

I highly recommend getting involved with In Gear Career and getting linked up with their extensive network of contacts. You won’t regret it!!”

-Pati Morris, Military Spouse and In Gear Career Member


In Gear Career is a forward thinking organization that recognizes the enormous potential in a traditionally overlooked pool of exceptionally talented people that are serving our country behind the scenes.  Military Spouses serve their country every bit as much at their service member spouse does – with as much sacrifice, sweat and tears.  One of the many things they sacrifice is the advancement of their careers.  Climbing the corporate ladder, or establishing a business becomes exceptionally difficult when being asked to move as frequently as military spouses are asked to do.  In Gear Career throws these spouses a lifeline, by providing valuable networking group for career minded spouses to gauge the local employment market as well as to come together to share experiences and successes.   Just as importantly, they provide training and informative group discussions about the latest in job finding techniques and skills to assist military spouses make the most of their job search.

-Patie Powers, Military Spouse and In Gear Career Member


In Gear Career Testimonials by Military Spouse Professionals

“In Gear Career is a wonderful resource for military spouses to find employment. As a new military spouse stationed at MacDill AFB, In Gear Career has proven paramount in my finding a career matching my skills and education. It not only introduced me to fellow lik

e-minded spouses in the area, but provided me with the opportunity to converse with employers and become part of a large professional network. Moreover, In Gear Career understands the background of military spouses. The mentoring for resume-writing, interviewing,

and advancing in your career is invaluable. As a result of participating in networking events organized by In Gear Career in the Tampa Bay Area, I was able to get diverse advice from fellow professionally-oriented spouses, enlarge my network of contacts and finally obtain my current position with a national organization.”

-Marlis Perez Rivera, Military Spouse and In Gear Career Member


Referral Available for Military Spouse Career Opportunity with AH Global-Remote Position

In Gear Career is pleased to offer a referral to qualified Military Spouses interested in a remote position for AH Global.

Conversations Marketing firm, AH Global is looking to fill the following remote position:

Position: Online Communications Specialist

Description Job Responsibilities: The Online Analyst acts as the liaison between brands (our clients) and the communities/demographics that they seek to reach. Overall, the OAs responsibilities are two pronged:

1. Community Outreach

-Blogger Communications: Reach out to bloggers in designated communities within the blogosphere and other large portals with relevant news and information

2. Research and Reporting

-Assist with campaign development by providing insightful information about demographics and communities

-Collect, Analyze and Report key trends among online consumers within targeted demographics and communities. Reporting and analysis is as much quantitative as it is qualitative


1. Must have strong written communications skills with a particular strength in friendly, personable interactions with bloggers and others in the online context as well as the ability to present data in an organized, intelligible manner

2. Strong familiarity with the internet, particularly blogs, but also online video sites, message boards, portals and search engines. The ideal candidate will have an exceptional knowledge of the activity and trends within key demographics

3. Well organized and strong attention to detail

4. Ability to work remotely in a virtual environment, taking direction and guidance from project managers but highly able to manage one’s own work schedule toward the completion of assigned goals and tasks.

5. Strong command of the Google Apps suite of tools as well as Skype, JoinMe and other online collaboration tools

6. Job is part-time, 10-20 hours/week, with the possibility to increase workload and move into project management responsibilities

Want to Apply?

If you’re interested in more information and an direct introduction to the hiring managers, please email us.

Military Spouse Career Opportunities with First Data

The following opportunities have been brought to our attention; Military Spouses are encouraged to apply.

Payment Solutions firm, First Data is looking to fill the following positions in the Washington D.C. area:

Position: Office Manager

This individual provides administrative support to the Global Public Affairs department, and serves as office manager for the Washington, DC office.

Full Job Description

Position: Manager of Public Affairs

The manager of public affairs will report directly to the VP of Public Affairs and will be responsible for day-to-day legislative and regulatory tracking, identifying priority policy issues, and developing strategic responses to defend against or advance particular policy positions, and writing summaries and reports for both internal and external stakeholders.

Full Job Description

Position: Intern—Military & Veteran Affairs

First Data is currently looking for an intern to work in their Washington, DC Military and Veterans Affairs office.  This is an opportunity to work as part of a global team, working with professionals across the enterprise.  This dynamic team creates and implements First Data’s military engagement strategy by creating an enterprise-wise approach to embrace the military with focuses on hiring veterans and military spouses, community outreach, sourcing, marketing, and recognition.

Full Job Description



Congresswoman Tsongas to speak at Homefront Rising Event

In Gear Career for Military Spouses and Military Spouse JD Network (MSJDN), along with our partners She Should Run, Women Influencing Public Policy, and the American Military Partner Association, are pleased to announce that Congresswoman Niki Tsongas will be the morning keynote speaker at Homefront Rising on February 11, 2014.

Homefront Rising is a non-partisan political education event in Washington, D.C. that targets military spouse attorneys and other military family advocates. Congresswoman Tsongas, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has a long record of supporting the military.

Congresswoman Tsongas is very familiar with the military way of life; she is the eldest daughter of Colonel Russell Elmer Sauvage. Congresswoman Tsongas grew up all around the world on military bases, from Japan to Germany to Texas. Congresswoman Tsongas is well acquainted with the importance and purpose of a military family and the sacrifices they make in support of their country. She credits her upbringing with shaping her approach to life, and with instilling in her the value of service to one’s community.

To that end, Niki Tsongas ran for public office. In 2007, Congresswoman Tsongas was elected to the US House of Representatives in a Special Election to represent the people of the Fifth District, which was renamed the Third District after her most recent reelection in 2012. She represents the Third Congressional District of Massachusetts, and is now serving her fourth term.

Congresswoman Tsongas has served on several committees and has accomplished so much during her tenure in the House of Representatives, with a particular focus on military advocacy. She sought out a position on the House Armed Services Committee shortly after her election in 2007, and in that capacity, has pushed for development of lightweight body armor and new measures to better prevent and respond to incidents of sexual assault in the military. Congresswoman Tsongas has made five trips to Afghanistan and two to Iraq since being elected to Congress to oversee the war effort and has spoken for the need for women in the rebuilding of government.

What’s more, Congresswoman Tsongas is not afraid to reach across the aisle. The Lowell Sun printed in 2012: “Tsongas has convinced us of a core common goal: As long as she is in Congress, the best interests of constituents will always come ahead of party politics.”

Congresswoman Tsongas has a BA in religion from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts and earned her JD from Boston University. She lives in her adopted hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts and is proud to be the mother of three daughters and, recently, grandmother to one grandson.

We hope you join us in our excitement to have this amazing woman in attendance to share her experiences and political knowledge.

Click Here to Register for Homefront Rising.