Referral Available for Military Spouse Career Opportunity with AH Global-Remote Position

In Gear Career is pleased to offer a referral to qualified Military Spouses interested in a remote position for AH Global.

Conversations Marketing firm, AH Global is looking to fill the following remote position:

Position: Online Communications Specialist

Description Job Responsibilities: The Online Analyst acts as the liaison between brands (our clients) and the communities/demographics that they seek to reach. Overall, the OAs responsibilities are two pronged:

1. Community Outreach

-Blogger Communications: Reach out to bloggers in designated communities within the blogosphere and other large portals with relevant news and information

2. Research and Reporting

-Assist with campaign development by providing insightful information about demographics and communities

-Collect, Analyze and Report key trends among online consumers within targeted demographics and communities. Reporting and analysis is as much quantitative as it is qualitative


1. Must have strong written communications skills with a particular strength in friendly, personable interactions with bloggers and others in the online context as well as the ability to present data in an organized, intelligible manner

2. Strong familiarity with the internet, particularly blogs, but also online video sites, message boards, portals and search engines. The ideal candidate will have an exceptional knowledge of the activity and trends within key demographics

3. Well organized and strong attention to detail

4. Ability to work remotely in a virtual environment, taking direction and guidance from project managers but highly able to manage one’s own work schedule toward the completion of assigned goals and tasks.

5. Strong command of the Google Apps suite of tools as well as Skype, JoinMe and other online collaboration tools

6. Job is part-time, 10-20 hours/week, with the possibility to increase workload and move into project management responsibilities

Want to Apply?

If you’re interested in more information and an direct introduction to the hiring managers, please email us.

Military Spouse Career Opportunities with First Data

The following opportunities have been brought to our attention; Military Spouses are encouraged to apply.

Payment Solutions firm, First Data is looking to fill the following positions in the Washington D.C. area:

Position: Office Manager

This individual provides administrative support to the Global Public Affairs department, and serves as office manager for the Washington, DC office.

Full Job Description

Position: Manager of Public Affairs

The manager of public affairs will report directly to the VP of Public Affairs and will be responsible for day-to-day legislative and regulatory tracking, identifying priority policy issues, and developing strategic responses to defend against or advance particular policy positions, and writing summaries and reports for both internal and external stakeholders.

Full Job Description

Position: Intern—Military & Veteran Affairs

First Data is currently looking for an intern to work in their Washington, DC Military and Veterans Affairs office.  This is an opportunity to work as part of a global team, working with professionals across the enterprise.  This dynamic team creates and implements First Data’s military engagement strategy by creating an enterprise-wise approach to embrace the military with focuses on hiring veterans and military spouses, community outreach, sourcing, marketing, and recognition.

Full Job Description



Brand Ambassador Job Openings for Military Spouses

In Gear Career for has another opportunity to be directly introduced to an employer looking to hire Military Spouses!
Career Opportunities for Military Spouses with Eurpac Strategic Partners

Eurpac Strategic Partners, a distributor and retail representative for leading brands, has openings for Brand Ambassador positions in the Colorado Springs (Fort Carson, USAF Academy, Peterson AFB), Sacramento (Travis AFB, McClellan AFB), and San Diego (Camp Pendleton) areas.

Brand Ambassadors will generate product excitement and increase brand awareness through in-store retail package goods demonstrations (which will include alcoholic beverages). The ideal candidates are outgoing, well-spoken individuals who can engage, educate, and survey retail customers while promoting brands in a professional manner.

Want to Apply?

If you’re interested in more information and an direct introduction to the hiring manager, please email us.

Military Orders…The Waiting Game

I have decided that waiting for Military Orders is a little like waiting for the birth of a child….you know that the orders are coming and have a rough idea when you might have to move; but they are often late, and there is usually a period of frenetic activity and complete chaos once they do. Unfortunately the timing of Military Orders is not as precise as the timing of predicted birth dates, and you may be left waiting for months rather than weeks. The husband and I are playing the waiting game right now. We may find out where we are headed in April but could be required to move any time from May to November. The list of options is long and includes most areas of the US as well as Europe and Japan. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I feel a little helpless from a career standpoint. I would love to have a little more notice. I want to do the right thing by giving my current employer a decent amount of notice, but I also want to start researching the job market and employment options in our next location. I have been a Military Spouse for a while now. I know that once the orders arrive they will kickstart the usual paperwork, cull of old clothing, toys and kitchen utensils, research on neighborhoods and schools and the planning of travel arrangements.  I know that I will be very caught up in the practicalities of finishing our time here, and getting ready to establish ourselves somewhere completely new…so how does my job search even get a look in? As a Military Spouse, it is certainly difficult to get the job search underway when you have no idea where you are headed, but there are some things you can be doing now to optimize your chances of early success. These practical tasks can get you in the best position to commence your job search once the orders arrive, and may even help take your mind off the waiting game!

  1. Update the Resume. You know you need to. Many of us don’t have our current job listed – the resume went back in the proverbial file cabinet once we found the current job. As Military Spouses, we know we should always have a resume ready to go…but lets be honest…it might need a bit of updating. Get that done now. You will have enough on your plate once the orders come – this is one task you can get done ahead of time.
  2. Increase activity on professional social media forums. Perhaps you have a LinkedIn or Professional Association account but haven’t been on the website in months. Update your profile and start joining the conversations and making contributions within forums and websites associated with your field. Get your name out there to make new connections and also to establish a digital track record of your credibility within your industry.
  3. Reconnect with professional contacts. It can be hard (and a little insincere) to get in touch with a contact from three years ago when you need to ask them for help. Get in touch now, before you are “in need.” Email, call or message a former colleague to see how their career is going, how their family is, or wether they finally made that RV trip to the Grand Canyon. Establish the dialog and the professional networking will flow more genuinely and more effectively than if you wait.
  4. Plan for your succession.You may not be in a position to share your impending move with your current employer, but that does not mean you can’t think and plan how you will best turn over your work to your replacement. Your current employer and colleagues are your most valuable references for a future position and so it is important to leave on the best terms and with the most professional handover you can arrange. You will be busy once the orders arrive so start the plan or handover file now.

The Waiting Game is definitely one of the more difficult aspects of life as a Military Spouse, but I am determined to effectively use my waiting time over the next few months. Like the birth of a child, no amount of preparation will make the event seamless, but anything I can do now to prepare for the job search will reduce stress and allow me to more effectively use my time in the future. I’ll start with the resume tomorrow!

Work Life Balance…What’s your reality?

Posted by Elizabeth Gorkowski

Are you a working military spouse just dreaming of work life balance?  For just $9.99 a month this dream can be yours!  Ahhh if only it was that easy. How is a working military spouse supposed to fit in all of the demands placed on them, work, eat, perhaps raise children, sleep and find precious minutes for themselves?

This morning my alarm went off at 5:30, I greeted the yet to be seen sun with a P90x workout,  jumped in the shower, made lunches for the kids, dressed all three of them (ages 5, 3.5 and 1.5) for picture day at school and somehow arrived at school by 8am.  I worked on rewriting necessary policies for M.O.M. FIT to continue its growth; attended a luncheon for Americans Working Around the Globe (I am almost positive I brushed my hair), sprinted to the park  to run a M.O.M. FIT class and at 2:15 picked the kids up.  We returned home for snacks and an awesome hour of tag, soccer, jump rope and sprints in the backyard.  (Oh yes I said sprints, that way I can get my “speed” workouts in).  We showered, ate dinner, dressed for bed and I high fived the babysitter on the way out to attend a coffee for RHHT.  It was of course everyone’s lucky night that it was karaoke coffee and I love Bon Jovi.  At 9:45 I hugged my friend Morgan and thanked her for watching the children, laid out their clothes for school, sat down to work on my white paper for MOM FIT and at midnight went to sleep.  Perhaps outsiders who don’t know me might think this was a day of pure insanity but for me it is a perfect example of work life balance.

My balance did not arrive without a lot of planning, effort and the shocking realization that I simply can’t do it all.  As a military spouse it becomes far too easy for our lives to be pushed to the back burner as we attempt to cram our own dreams and goals into a life that is already packed with moves, work, family obligations and no luxury of extended family support.  Sometime during the fall of 2010 I realized I had too many extraneous factors pulling me in a hundred different directions and that the one item I had always cherished, working out daily sometimes twice a day was no longer a part of my life and it was making me a miserable person.  Exercise is my drug of happiness, nothing makes me feel better then a workout and the benefits are numerous.   I decided at that point to make a list of my top priorities and that they would be non negotiable  1)MY FAMILY  2) Fitness  3) M.O.M. FIT  4)Learning to say “let me check my calendar” and then had to actually make it happen!

I have a wonderful family but three girls under the age of 5 can easily steamroll out of control and my husband and I decided upon arrival in Germany (which was the 5th move for my 4.5 year old daughter) school and daycare options would be the best solution to set me on a path to being a better mother, spouse and owner of M.O.M. FIT . Their attendance allows me to put quality hours in on the continuous development of M.O.M FIT  and more importantly provides them with quality mom/daughter time when they  aren’t in school. I quickly realized I had too many friends where I was the primary giver using up a lot of my time and energy.  I decided to cut ties with many so called friends and it was shockingly easy.  I started adding fitness hours to my daily calendar, worked hard to build workouts that didn’t require me to go to the gym and slowly regained myself one step at a time.  I also learned to add the magical phrase “let me check my calendar and get back to you” before saying yes to any requests.

Numerous volunteer requests always fall at the feet of military spouses with little acknowledgement of the outside job many spouses are already balancing as a military spouse and perhaps parent.  Spouses are part of a culture where expectations exceed the normal standard and if you don’t make your time a priority no one will do it for you.  I have now cut my volunteer time to only saying yes to INGEAR,  Americans Working Around the Globe and coaching high school basketball. Nothing else provides me with the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction like those organizations, which allows me to justify taking time and energy away from my family.

For years coaching basketball was my life and passion but 5 moves in 4.5 years quickly put a 12 year career to a screeching halt.  I was fortunate enough to take advantage of the MYCAA benefit offered to spouses and obtain my personal trainer certification and begin the development of M.O.M. FIT.  Our mission at M.O.M. FIT is to improve the wellness, overall health and fitness levels of military spouses through a supportive team environment.  Daily we make in home visits for individual workouts, meet at parks across Germany for boot camps and stroller fitness, teach families how to meal plan, educate them on nutrition, teach goal setting and most importantly build the TEAM concept so spouses always have a support system in their lives.

Today was a balanced work life day for me; there are days work garners more hours, the family receives less attention and vice versa.  Take a moment and share with us the way you find balance in your day, you just might help another spouse achieve their pursuit of balance. There is no perfect in the pursuit of work life balance and I have come to the realization that as long as the good days far outweigh the bad days then my balance is successful.

Liz Gorkowski , a military spouse with  15 years in the fitness industry has mentored Olympic, professional, collegiate, All Army Team and military spouse athletes.  Liz is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and former college basketball coach. She is the owner of the Fit Group which is home to M.O.M. FIT where WE ARE CHANGING LIVES ONE WORKOUT AT A TIME! Like the Fit Group today on Facebook at The FIT Group or visit our website at  If you would like a M.O.M. FIT chapter on your post please send all requests to