In Gear Career–Testimonials by Military Spouse Professionals

“In Gear Career provides me the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience of other Military Spouses. I love being able to speak with military spouses who have found their own professional success while still embracing the mobility of their spouses’ career. Being able to meet such amazing people every month made me realize I can thrive in my career as long as I take responsibility and make it happen.”

–Elizabeth Shaver, Military Spouse and In Gear Career Member
As someone returned to theworkforce after a long absence, it was important for me to meet new people and glean as much as I could about the job search experience.  Getting that first part-time position of only 10 hours a week helped me build a presence in the workforce as well as my resume.  A few months later that led to me being able to land a position as an administrator for a non-profit.Testimonials by Military Spouse Professionals“In Gear Career has been instrumental in the success of my job search!  I have learned so much from the monthly meetings and workshops.  The networking is invaluable and has been the key to my landing two positions from the advertised jobs that In Gear Career posted.

I highly recommend getting involved with In Gear Career and getting linked up with their extensive network of contacts. You won’t regret it!!”

-Pati Morris, Military Spouse and In Gear Career Member


In Gear Career is a forward thinking organization that recognizes the enormous potential in a traditionally overlooked pool of exceptionally talented people that are serving our country behind the scenes.  Military Spouses serve their country every bit as much at their service member spouse does – with as much sacrifice, sweat and tears.  One of the many things they sacrifice is the advancement of their careers.  Climbing the corporate ladder, or establishing a business becomes exceptionally difficult when being asked to move as frequently as military spouses are asked to do.  In Gear Career throws these spouses a lifeline, by providing valuable networking group for career minded spouses to gauge the local employment market as well as to come together to share experiences and successes.   Just as importantly, they provide training and informative group discussions about the latest in job finding techniques and skills to assist military spouses make the most of their job search.

-Patie Powers, Military Spouse and In Gear Career Member


In Gear Career Testimonials by Military Spouse Professionals

“In Gear Career is a wonderful resource for military spouses to find employment. As a new military spouse stationed at MacDill AFB, In Gear Career has proven paramount in my finding a career matching my skills and education. It not only introduced me to fellow lik

e-minded spouses in the area, but provided me with the opportunity to converse with employers and become part of a large professional network. Moreover, In Gear Career understands the background of military spouses. The mentoring for resume-writing, interviewing,

and advancing in your career is invaluable. As a result of participating in networking events organized by In Gear Career in the Tampa Bay Area, I was able to get diverse advice from fellow professionally-oriented spouses, enlarge my network of contacts and finally obtain my current position with a national organization.”

-Marlis Perez Rivera, Military Spouse and In Gear Career Member