April Military Spouse Volunteer of the Month

In Gear Career is able to provide our services In Gear Career - military spouse Volunteer of the Monthbecause of wonderful Military Spouses who understand what it means to serve. Many people contribute to our collective success, but this month we would like to recognize Christina Overstreet for her work in shaping our forthcoming Federal Employment Toolkit.

Christina has volunteered her expertise to provide invaluable feedback on the Federal Employment Toolkit we are developing for our members. She is helping us bring clarity to the confusing process of applying for Federal employment and we look forward to sharing her hard work with you in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Christina Overstreet - military spouse Volunteer of the Month - In Gear Career

Christina has never balked when faced with a challenge. Recently, that has meant squeezing many things into a 24-hour day – completing a master’s degree while employed full-time and raising two children under the age of five, being active in her community, and spending quality time with Randy, her active-duty husband.

She fell in love with Randy, who is currently serving in the Army, while he was a cadet at West Point. They pursued a long-distance relationship while she attended the University of Virginia, where she majored in psychology, planning to pursue a career with the FBI as a forensic psychologist. After graduating, Christina and Randy moved to his first duty station at Fort Bragg, where she worked various jobs early in their marriage, trying to continue her education and get on the right career path. She quickly realized the challenges military spouses face when trying to maintain a successful professional career, particularly in the months after 9/11, and her husband’s two deployments.

She volunteered actively from the beginning, serving in a FRG Leader role many times and through multiple deployments. This volunteer experience eventually led her to pursue a five-year career in Army Family Programs as a government contractor. During her tenure as a contractor, she began to experience the frustrations of trying to attain a federal position, as she was passed over for numerous federal positions for which she had been urged to apply. She became convinced the federal hiring process was broken, particularly after finding she was more qualified than some of the individuals who were hired. She continued to pursue federal employment and when she and her husband relocated to West Point, she was selected for one of the positions she had been coveting. Since then, it has been her personal mission to help other military spouses in their efforts to attain federal employment.

Christina completed her master’s degree in human resources in December 2012, and is currently pursuing certifications to become a professional career coach and professional resume writer. She recently took charge of the Family Member Employment Program at West Point, where she is in the place she most wants to be right now: working to help military spouses achieve their employment goals.

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