The Kibo Code Review 2020 : E-commerce Demo, Modules & Training

E-commerce is a vast domain and there are several people who have made a mark on this domain. Getting success here is considered difficult because simply there are a lot of competitors. It is a boon to find someone who is willing to share their strategy and story of success. There are several e-commerce training programs promising to make you successful, however, only a few of them are authentic and provide you with the desired value. In this article, we are reviewing the Kibo Code, it was launched on January 28, 2020, and an interested person has to pay a premium in order to buy it.

The Kibo Code Review – Brief Information

It is an online training program and is designed to teach you about the intricacies of online marketing. You will learn about earning profit by selling different products however you don’t need to use Amazon or Facebook ads for the same. The whole training program spans for the duration of 8 weeks and over the course of the period, it covers 8 different modules. The most intriguing thing about this course is that there is no involvement of Amazon, dealing with warehouse, dealing with inventories, among other things.

Different types of Modules in Kibo Code:

Module 1- Central Intelligence

This module deals with the basics of marketing and every detail are illustrated by the way of step by step videos and descriptions. The following is the synopsis of this module-

  • You will learn how to start an eCommerce business
  • You’ll be able to earn your first income in around 48 hours of being done with the whole instructions that are mentioned in this module.
  • You’ll learn to set the best possible price for your product which provides you with the highest possible profit. The price you keep will be apt from the customer point of view too.
  • The module teaches you to sell products without being involved in different stages of selling. That is, you can sell by using US-based product suppliers who will do the work of stocking and supplying products for you.

Module 2- StoreStorm

This is considered as the most important module of this whole Kibo Code system. It would help you in building an e-commerce store in less than 60 seconds. You can add some gorgeous e-commerce themes. This module will help you in the following things-

  • Launch an aesthetically appealing site that works well to fetch your profits.
  • Using THEME X in the best possible way to convert traffic into customers. THEME X is a WordPress theme that includes multiple designs.

Module 3- Hand Picked Products

This module is essential in the continuation of the 1st module where you are taught how to start a business from scratch. In this module, they tell you 5 most popular handpicked products that you can use to kick start the sales and earn money. It will help you in the following-

  • Eliminating guesswork and getting to know the genuine money making products.
  • Achieving the target of generating $2500 per day

Module 4- Profit Vault

There are several products in the online e-commerce world. You need to test every potential product in order to finally come down at some profitable product. This module will teach you about how to find the perfect product. It presents software which helps in pin-pointing the most profitable product which you can sell. It doesn’t stop just there, furthermore, it also shows you the suppliers who stock, ship and deliver the product for you.

So essentially you can filter down more than 3 million products and choose the master-blaster for yourself.

Module 5- Traffic Black Box

Getting traffic on your site is important if you wish to gain a solid sales figure. In this module, you would be presented with an untapped traffic generation method for your e-com store. You’ll learn to:

  • Take advantage of major search engines even though SEO tactics are employed.
  • Get clicks on your e-com store without spending much money.
  • Set-up effective sales funnel with minimal efforts.

Module 6- Oracle X

If you’ve mastered the art of product research and product bidding, you are bound to make it big in the e-commerce field. This module teaches you the intricacies of searching for the winning product. These are the things you’ll learn after completing the module-

  • How to get a high-quality domain for your store.
  • How to create an awesome logo for free using the Keycode tool.
  • How to get the website up and running in a matter of time.

Module 7- Kibo Academy

This is a support system where Kibo academy provides you with support from the team. You get a private email-based system where you can ask for guidance. There is a rapid response desk also where team members are available to solve your queries on call.

Module 8- Kibo 2020 (Live Event)

This is basically member access to the live event of Kibo 2020 where you’ll get access to Las Vegas. It is a great opportunity to network with other business owners and learn from their successful life.


We believe that Kibo is the most holistic course available for knowledge about the eCommerce industry. If you are actually putting the requisite efforts than you will surely make a significant amount of money through the knowledge you gain. It has the ability to change the game of your business. If you wish to start a side business, it would be wise to invest your time and efforts in this course. We believe that e-commerce has great earning potential and this side business of you may get you 8x to 10x income of what your regular job provides.

Yes, it is an expensive online training program, but we believe that it will bring you out of your comfort zone. Furthermore, the collective experience of both of the industry leaders is bound to make you successful. So this is all from our side. We hope you found this article on Kibo Review helpful. Thanks for reading.

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