Military Spouse’s Guide to Federal & Contractor Employment

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Not surprisingly, we get a lot of questions from Military Spouse professionals regarding Federal Employment. Working in the Federal sector can be a great career path for some and certainly offers some opportunity for portability.

For Military Spouses in particular, however, there are considerations that should be taken into account when deciding to pursue a federal job:

How do I decide if federal employment is right for me?

Am I guaranteed a position in our new location when we PCS?

Do I qualify for Military Spouse Preferece? Can I use it more than once?

How do I write a federal resume?

In 2013, with generous sponsorship from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, In Gear Career published the Military Spouse’s Guide to Federal & Contractor employment.

The guide is available to download free!

Download the guide here


Have you used Military Spouse Preference? Do you have additional questions regarding federal employment we can answer? Leave a comment!

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